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Are You Your Business?

No one is their service. I have actually occasionally heard people claim (foolishly in my point of view) that ‘I am my organization.’ Those who think this, even if said in jest, forget the truth that without them, their organization can not function and has no worth; in fact, is not genuinely an organization in any way. These individuals normally choose that offer their vanity before serving their company.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

Fed up with needing to punch a time clock? Weary of having to miss out on unique occasions and events? Fed up with working strange hours, weekend breaks, vacations- or for that matter- having to get up as well as go to work with any provided day?

Note To Self, Stay Focused

Procrastination is the opponent of everyone that wishes to succeed. Naturally, we all wish that emphasis was, consequently, our good friend, however in truth it can be exceptionally challenging to continue to be focused on our objectives, particularly when it does not feel that we are getting anywhere. This is particularly real in company, when sometimes a concept can take months, if not years for any type of fruit to be seen

An Open Letter to All New Entrepreneurs

Establishing up in service is an adventure, and like all adventures it includes a great deal of hard work and also an action of threat. That risk is both monetary and reputational. May I claim from the beginning, that as long as your financial risk is limited to what you can afford to lose, reputational risk can be the more devastating of the 2.

Get Clear On WHY You’re in Business

Your “WHY” is the inspiration for what you do. It’s the engine that drives you. Quality around the genuine factor you stay in business is the fuel that keeps you going when running your service obtains rough. If you’re unclear on WHY you stay in business, you have two issues.

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